Our Story

The Walla Walla Valley is a very special place with a deep, rich, geological, cultural and agricultural history. It is a unique setting that has been recognized as possessing some of the greatest potential anywhere to grow a whole plethora of crops at a high degree of quality – from dryland wheat to vegetables of all kinds, to stone and pome fruits, to wine grapes.

One of the most special locations in the Valley, and the entire region in fact, is a very small geographical area within the Valley; an alluvial fan comprised of basalt cobblestones. In this place, nestled just to the west of the Blue Mountains in northern Oregon and south of the Washington state line, some of the most singular and unique expressions of wine anywhere in the world are grown. It is a place that has captured our attention, our imaginations, our senses and our motivations.  

Thus, we have begun a very special endeavor to explore the terroir of this fascinating and unique place in the world through our own lens; to tell the story of this geology through top-notch grape-growing and winemaking, in our efforts to transmit the tale of this place, while also employing a commitment to sustainability, organic farming and low-impact winemaking.

When we set out to create PÁŠXA (pronounced “Pahk-sha”), we wanted to emphasize our commitment to sustainable farming and winemaking practices. We also wanted to give a nod to the history of our beautiful valley – a history that stretches back long before the land was settled by those who traveled west along the Oregon Trail. The indigenous people of the Walla Walla Valley had a name for this place that was Pášxapa or Place of the Sunflowers, as the valley was strewn with balsamroot sunflowers that grew wild here, and we wanted to pay homage to that heritage of these lands.

The inaugural release of Pasxa Wines was January 21, 2021. The next release will be January 10th, 2023.

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Mike Martin

Mike turned his passion for wine and curiosity about life into a second career by building The Walls. As a technology executive, he once focused on building great businesses. Now, his focus rests solely on bringing distinctive wines and great people together. He is committed to our team and supporting our efforts to produce wines that are true expressions of time and place.


Damon Lalonde

Damon Lalonde developed a passion for wine as a youth while visiting his great uncle in the Napa Valley. He has managed vineyards for Corliss Estates and Charles Smith, including the development of K Vintners’ Powerline Estate Vineyard. Damon possesses a wealth of knowledge, passion, and experience and his oversight in our estate vineyards is invaluable.


Vineyard Manager
Serafin Saldana

Serafin has 15 years of experience farming in the Walla Walla Valley.  His extensive knowledge of viticulture in the Rocks District of Milton Freewater in particular is an enormous asset in the farming of our estate properties. Serafin and his team take great pride in growing grapes of the highest quality.